Dubai marathon season is just around the corner! Running a marathon always requires dedication, commitment and preparation. If you’re not a regular marathon runner, here’s our guide to the do’s and don’ts when preparing for a half marathon. 

#1: Don’t overtrain.

Should you run as fast and as far as you can every day to prepare for the marathon? Big no. If you overtrain, you’ll increase the likelihood of becoming drained and injured. Start training months before the half marathon so you can slowly increase your mileage and duration. Remember, running a half marathon is not just running. It’s a combination of running, proper nutrition and strength work. Listen to your body and set aside some time for rest days to help your body recover. 

#2. Don’t change your diet drastically.

Some people think that losing weight before a marathon will make them lighter and run faster. As a result, they cut too many calories and change their diet drastically. The problem? Overdoing your diet will only negatively affect your health and your performance. Plan your meals to ensure that you have a well-balanced diet and don’t forget to treat yourself from time to time. 

#3. Don’t skimp on sleep.

Sorry to break it to you but if you aren’t getting enough sleep, you still won’t be able to do your best in the marathon. We know you’re tired of hearing this but always aim for 7-9 hours of sleep! Why? Our body restores itself when we are asleep. Successful athletes prioritize sleep as it aids recovery and rebuilds muscles and cells.

#4. Do consider getting a health check-up.

If you’ve never run a marathon before, schedule a check-up with a doctor. Running a half marathon is not a joke. It’s crucial to check if you have no underlying health problems that could jeopardize your overall health. If you have a heart or lung condition, we suggest joining a shorter run instead. Check out the Skechers Performance Run on 19th November 2021, the event will have a 2.5km, 5km, and 10km run. 

#5. Do buy new running shoes and outfits. 

If you don’t have any running shoes or attire, buy some 2 weeks before the marathon. This will give you enough time to try and ensure that what you’ll wear during the marathon is appropriate for running long distances. Never try out new shoes and clothes on marathon day as it may lead to injuries, pain and discomfort. 

#6. Do have fun!

It’s easy to compare yourself with other runners and get overwhelmed by all the people during the actual event. Just remember that as long as you have proper preparation, you’ll be alright! We know it can get intimidating to run with others but focus on yourself and enjoy it!

Join us at Mai Dubai City Half Marathon on 15th October 2021. Challenge yourself and unlock your potential by registering now!

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