There are two types of runners: Those who love to run on a treadmill at a gym and those who prefer to run outdoors to enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful sceneries. 

We know that running isn’t for everyone but if you’re looking to switch up your workout routine or if you’re training for one of the many running events in Dubai such as the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon or the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay, here are the best places to run in Dubai.

1. Dubai Autodrome – 2.6km

Head over to Dubai Autodrome every Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm and enjoy an evening run with free entrance. The running track in Dubai Autodrome is suitable for those who want to enjoy a short and sweet 2.6km run with gradual to steep gradients. Since first-time runners always visit every Wednesday, you don’t have to feel pressured to finish fast. This is the best place to run or prepare for the running events in Dubai, and socialize with others to boost your confidence!

2. Al Mamzar Beach – 4km

Located in the outskirts of Dubai towards Sharjah, Al Mamzar Beach offers a 4km running track for those who want to run in less crowded places. Entrance only costs 5 dhs. and you get to experience a relaxing run by the beach. The place is also great for families who want to spend time together after a run. Families can swim, grill, have fun at playgrounds and visit the coffee shops and restaurants by the beach. Training here would be great thanks to its amazing ambience. 

3. Burj Park – 5km 

Burj park has a 5km running track you can visit with your furry friends and is one of the top pet-friendly places in Dubai. Not only that, you can take cool pictures as you run around the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. After a run, you can sit back and unwind by watching the famous Dubai fountain or go shopping at Dubai Mall. 

4. Dubai Canal – 6.5km

Go for a run at Dubai Canal and be mesmerized by the iconic skyline over the water of the canal. The running track is wide which makes it a lovely spot for running, walking and even biking. There is a waterfall cascading from the bridge under Sheikh Zayed Road and there are many cafes towards business bay. For a more intense running experience, access the five pedestrian bridges to add more kilometres to your workout. 

5. Palm Jumeirah Crescent – 11km 

The Palm Jumeirah Crescent will have your blood pumping with its 11km running track starting from One and Only The Palm (west side of the Palm) to Rixos The Palm (east side of the Palm).  You can also pass by Atlantis The Palm which is one of the most famous hotels in Dubai. If you want to sweat out a little more, you can add 4km by running up and down the trunk of the Palm. This place is also great for those who are preparing for the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon, just run back and forth and you’ll be able to enjoy a 22km run.

6. Kite Beach – 14km

For those who are determined to challenge themselves, do an entire lap at Kite Beach to complete a good 14km run. Kite Beach offers one of the best city views in Dubai and a glimpse of the luxurious Burj Al Arab. After your training, this spot is also great for other outdoor activities such as  swimming, picnics and kayaking. 

Now that you know the best running tracks in the city, join us at one of the best running events in Dubai. Register now at Mai Dubai City Half Marathon!

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