So you joined the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon last October and you’re here because you want to improve your performance. We believe that there are no shortcuts when it comes to improving your running performance – however, following these 7 tips will definitely help you perform better in your next half marathon race. 

1. Set a Specific Goal 

Before you do any training, you should have a specific goal in mind. Do you want to set a personal record or do you just want to finish the race? Having a clear goal in mind is crucial so you can adjust your training plan accordingly. To be able to set specific goals, you must be aware of your performance. What was your last half marathon pace? How fast did you finish? Analyze your performance in the previous Mai Dubai City Half Marathon so you know which areas you want to focus on. 

2. Do Long Runs 

Long runs will be your best friend if you want to improve your half marathon performance. Long runs are for building up your endurance levels and will benefit you as a runner both mentally and physically. To improve your half marathon performance, you should do long runs at a steady and slower pace to build up and maintain your endurance. We suggest going for a long run at least 2x per week. If you’re an experienced half marathon runner, you could gradually increase your weekly long run to a half marathon distance to improve your endurance level further.

3. Improve Your Eating Habits 

How was your diet before you ran the previous Mai Dubai City Half Marathon? If you think your eating habits weren’t necessarily good last time, it’s time to reconsider your diet now. Your eating habits weeks or even months before your half marathon race has a significant effect on your half marathon performance. Make sure that you’re consuming enough protein to build stronger muscles and consume the right amount and types of carbohydrates. If you can have access to a dietician, it is best to consult a dietitian who specializes in sports performance to make sure you are getting the macro and micronutrients your body needs. 

4. Join More Running Events

If you really want to improve your half marathon performance, we strongly recommend joining as many running events in Dubai as possible. This will help you train and improve your performance for the next Mai Dubai City Half Marathon. 

Below are some of the best running events in Dubai – register today!

Upcoming dates:

Series 3: 15th January 2022

Series 4: 12th February 2022

Series 5: 26th March 2022

5. Embrace the Hills 

Hill running is extremely beneficial for enhancing your strength, speed and endurance which will result in significant improvements on your race performances. Hill running will also help you develop your cardiovascular system and with only six weeks of regular hill training, you’ll see a significant improvement in your power and speed and perform much better in the next Mai Dubai City Half Marathon.  

6. Follow a Training Plan 

Burnout and lack of motivation can arise if you do the same training workouts over and over again. Mix and match your workouts by tossing in some of your favorite cross-training activities or any exercises you enjoy. You could also change your running locations and discover more running tracks around Dubai to renew your motivation. When creating or choosing a plan, remember to go with one that targets the specific distance you want to train for which is a half marathon. 

7. Run with friends 

Did you run alone at the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon? We suggest running with some friends next time. Running with someone during your training or during running events can help boost your confidence and make running even more fun. You can also join running groups in Dubai to help you stay motivated and be a part of a community. 

While waiting for the next Mai Dubai City Half Marathon, join the Skechers Performance Run this 17th December or register at the Bloomberg Square Mile Relay and bring your colleagues with you! 

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