Running a half marathon isn’t easy which is why we understand why a lot of people get scared of joining a race. If you’re planning to join the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon but you’re doubting yourself, we’ve compiled a list of the most common half marathon fears runners have and how to overcome them. 

1. Getting Injured 

Running a half marathon can be stressful for your body. Not only are you running 21km but you will also need to train multiple times a week. This means that the chances of getting injured are going to increase. But don’t worry – practicing proper rest and recovery can help you avoid injury pretty easily. When you have a training plan, make sure to schedule rest days to ensure that you keep your muscles strong to avoid injuries during the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon. 

2. You Won’t Be Able To Finish the Race 

If you know that you’ve worked and trained hard, then you are capable of finishing the race. If it really is your goal to join the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon, then you already have what it takes to complete that 21km! Goals are powerful tools for the mind and your positive state of mind will be a huge part of your running success. 

3. You Doubt The Process 

Preparing for a half marathon is not something to be taken lightly as the training program takes a lot of time and physical effort. The preparation will certainly take much more time than running in the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon itself. Therefore, we suggest keeping a training log so you can learn over time the best training that works for you. Keeping a log will also help you track your progress which will serve as motivation. 

4. Coming in Last 

All runners have the fear of coming in last! Yes, someone has to come in last place at every Mai Dubai City Half Marathon but chances are it’s not going to be you. Try not to worry about how your performance compares to other participants. Completing a half marathon in Dubai, moreover being a part of the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon is an incredible achievement and being last to finish shouldn’t matter. 

5. Fear of Feeling / Looking Slow 

No matter how slow you are in the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon, you should be proud of yourself. Not everyone has the courage and commitment to join a half marathon, therefore, even if you feel like you’re slow – there are still a lot of people who look up to you! Do it for yourself and remember that the feeling you get when you finish will make everything worth it! 

6. Running Will Hurt

The truth is yes, running will hurt. It’s a high-impact sport that can take a toll on your body. This is why it’s important to pay attention to what you’re really feeling. Don’t allow yourself to overwork your body for the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon – know the difference between genuine pain and normal discomfort. Always take time to slow down and reassess your training routine. 

Be confident and don’t think twice, join us at the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon this 30th of October at DIFC. 5km and 10km races are also available!

Want to join the best running events in Dubai? Check out the events below: 

Mai Dubai Community Run

The Mai Dubai Community Run previously known as the Skechers Performance Run has just concluded will be held again in November 2022. The Mai Dubai Community Run has 2.5 km, 5km, and 10km races available and it’s a family-friendly event which is great if you want to bring your family with you.

Bloomberg Square Mile Relay 

The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay was held in DIFC last 9th of February 2022. The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay is the only corporate race in the world and anyone can enter as a team of 10 for a great team building activity.

Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 

The Mai Dubai City Half Marathon is one of the most popular running events in Dubai. The next Mai Dubai City Half Marathon will be held on the 30th of October 2022. Register for the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon now! To get more details about the next Mai Dubai City Half Marathon event, follow us at @promosevensports on Instagram!

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