Joining running events in Dubai, especially community runs are great for your health, fitness and wellbeing. You’re probably here because you’re already thinking about joining one. Well great news! The Mai Dubai Community Run series is starting this 12th of November. If you’re still unsure whether you should join a community run here are 6 reasons that might convince you to join now. 

1. Motivation 

When you see people around you do certain things, your focus and attention also shift towards that. Just imagine being a part of the Mai Dubai Community Run and seeing other people who also truly enjoy running. That alone would serve as a great motivation for you! 

When you are connected to a group of people, they can motivate you. Therefore, you could also invite your family and friends to join the Mai Dubai Community Run so you can train and prepare together for the most awaited Mai Dubai Community Run. 

2. Skipping Training Won’t Be a Thing Anymore 

When your friends or family are running with you – you won’t be able to skip training easily compared to when you’re running solo. Sign up for the Mai Dubai Community Run today along with your family and friends so you can start training together. Studies show that accountability to another person is a big factor in adhering to a training plan. 

3. Boost Your Mood 

We’ve all heard that endorphins are released during and after exercise, that’s why it makes us feel so great! But did you know that according to research, exercising with others can help you feel more calm post exercise too? If you’re not a professional runner, knowing the fact that you are running in a community-friendly environment can help you feel better and boost your overall mood. 

4. Run Farther 

Peer pressure can also somehow be beneficial when it comes to running. If you have friends running with you during the Mai Dubai Community Run, you’ll be motivated to run as far as you can and try to finish the race along with your friends. If you’re intimidated by the distance, you can look at your friends during the Mai Dubai Community Run and think that if they can do it, you can do it too. 

5. Challenge Yourself 

Surrounding yourself with experienced and conditioned runners can be intimidating and scary. However, running in a community-friendly event is a whole different story. It will challenge you yet make you feel brave enough and motivated to finish your race at the Mai Dubai Community Run. 

6. A Sense of Purpose 

The concept of “Ikigai” gained a lot of popularity in late 2017. This is a Japanese concept that translates into “the thing that makes life worth living”. It describes the challenging pursuit of worthy goals – something that can lend one a sense of purpose. If calling running a ‘life purpose’ sounds indulgent, then you surely haven’t found a community of runners that will make your life so much better. Joining the Mai Dubai Community Run is the perfect chance to connect with fellow runners! 

Want to join the best running events in Dubai? Check out these running events we’re organizing! 

Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 

The Mai Dubai City Half Marathon is one of the most popular running events in Dubai. The next Mai Dubai City Half Marathon will be held on the 30th of October 2022. Register for the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon now! To get more details about the next Mai Dubai City Half Marathon event, follow us at @promosevensports on Instagram!

Mai Dubai Community Run

The Mai Dubai Community Run previously known as the Skechers Performance Run has just concluded and will be held again in November 2022. The Mai Dubai Community Run has 2.5 km, 5km, and 10km races available and it’s a family-friendly event which is great if you want to bring your family with you.

Bloomberg Square Mile Relay 

The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay was held in DIFC last 9th of February 2022. The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay is the only corporate race in the world and anyone can enter as a team of 10 for a great team building activity.

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