So you want to run your very first 2.5k race at the Mai Dubai Community Run? No need to worry! We’ve prepared the best tips for you so you can make the most of your time at the Mai Dubai Community Run. 

1. Breathe in from mouth, breathe out from nose. 

There is a trick to breathing when running just like there is a trick to breathing when doing weights in the gym. When doing running distances especially in an event like the Mai Dubai Community Run or the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon, your body is gasping for air no matter how healthy you are. Your breathing gets faster and faster as your body tries to get and retain as much air as possible.

By gulping down the air through your mouth you are getting more air into your lungs faster. And by breathing out through your nose you are letting out air slower. This lengthens the time that oxygen stays in your body. Helping you alleviate the effects of breathlessness and improve stamina.

2. Run Easy and Take Short Steps 

Running is a technically challenging sport. Many beginners don’t have the proper technique and make jogging harder than it has to be by wasting a lot of energy. Your body develops the coordination necessary to perform the complex sequence of movements with every kilometre or mile that you run. During the Mai Dubai Community Run try to run relaxed and in good form. Short, easy steps are more effective than long, powerful strides that act as a brake, slowing your forward momentum with every footfall.

3. Have a dynamic training plan. 

Contrary to popular belief, learning how to run properly takes more than just running. In fact, only logging the miles is a surefire way to increase your risk of injury, burnout, and having a stale running routine.This is a golden tip for new runners—don’t just run. A training program that includes a dynamic warm-up and cooldown, strength training, and mobility will help you prepare for your 2.5k run at the Mai Dubai Community Run and even motivate you to join the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon next year.

4. Make it social.

A lot of people figure that running has to be hard all the time or you have to hurt for it to be worthwhile. However, running can actually be the most fulfilling and the best when you  connect with people and use it as a stress reliever. Recruit your best pal to sign up at the Mai Dubai Community Run and train for the 2.5K run together. If you’re struggling to make it a consistent habit, find a group, find a running partner, find someone to share it with. And that not only helps you get out the door, but it also just makes it much more fulfilling. 

5. Get used to failure and setbacks.

Focus on time – not distance – for your first run to get your body used to everything at the start. And remember, this is a journey. Don’t expect instant overnight success. The Mai Dubai Community Run is a very community-friendly running event which is why you don’t have to feel nervous or afraid of anything.

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Mai Dubai Community Run

The Mai Dubai Community Run previously known as the Skechers Performance Run will be back starting 12th of November to March 2023. The Mai Dubai Community Run has 2.5 km, 5km, and 10km races available and it’s a family-friendly event which is great if you want to bring your family with you. Register here!

Mai Dubai City Half Marathon 

The Mai Dubai City Half Marathon is one of the most popular running events in Dubai. The Mai Dubai City Half Marathon has just concluded last 30th of October. To get more details about the next Mai Dubai City Half Marathon event, follow us at @promosevensports on Instagram!

Bloomberg Square Mile Relay 

The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay was held in DIFC last 9th of February 2022. The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay is the only corporate race in the world and anyone can enter as a team of 10 for a great team building activity. The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay will be back next year, 2023!

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