Having great endurance is a valuable asset in running, especially when running a half marathon. Runners who build up endurance can run for longer distances without getting fatigued. Their bodies and minds have been conditioned to push past the voice in their head saying ‘Quit’. Without sufficient endurance, you’ll get tired and give up soon after you start. 

So exactly is endurance and why is it important when running during the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon at Yas Island Abu Dhabi? 

Endurance is how long an activity can be performed in total. It refers to cardiovascular efficiency. This is how well your heart, lungs, and muscles work together to distribute blood and oxygen around your body to sustain activity. Below are 7 tips on how to build half-marathon endurance: 

1. Start Slow and Tackle Small Steps 

Even if you feel ready to bump up your distance or speed, it’s a smart idea to go slow and aim to make incremental gains in your training program. This is especially true if you’re new to a regular running schedule. Remember that progress should be over many weeks, allowing time for recovery, but getting harder and harder. If you’re planning to join us on the 7th of May at the  The Mai Dubai City Half Marathon at Yas Island Abu Dhabi – slow but consistent training will help you be prepared for the event. 

2. Be Consistent 

To increase your aerobic capacity and improve your endurance to run a half marathon, you need to train consistently. Consistent training will build your aerobic base, increase your aerobic capacity and strengthen your muscles. When you begin to add extra runs to your week, they should be easy and slow – speed follows endurance! You should aim for 3 to 4 sessions per week for 30 minutes or more. Aim to make one of these sessions your long run where you plan to go farther than any of your other runs that week. 

3. Focus on Breathing 

Focus on your breathing during running can help reduce stress, boost your energy and increase your endurance. Usually, people hold their breath or forget to increase their breathing speed when running gets hard. If you are running faster, you need to breathe faster. Holding your breath can make you feel fatigued during your workout sooner than you should. Your breathing should increase from 15 times a minute while resting to 40-60 times a minute during running. 

4. Fuel Properly 

We always tell runners who join the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon at Yas Island Abu Dhabi to fuel up before their run. Not only does this mean that you need to eat but you also need water to keep yourself hydrated and energized. If you often feel like you’re lacking energy while you’re running, it could be because your body doesn’t have the fuel it needs to run well. Make sure you’re eating a healthy, well-balanced diet with enough carbohydrates so you have enough energy available for your working muscles. 

5. Add Some Strength Training 

Strength training helps your muscles and joints handle the stresses of running. You’ll be able to run longer before your muscles start getting fatigued. Even with just two or three 20 minute strength training sessions a week, you’ll build more muscle mass and notice a difference. 

You’ll also find that you’ll be more injury-resistant and recover more quickly from your runs. You don’t need any fancy equipment or a gym membership to incorporate strength training into your routine. Do some bodyweight exercises such as planks, squats, lunges, calf raises and push-ups after your runs to start building more strength. 

6. Join a Running Event 

We believe that the best way to build endurance for a half marathon is actually joining a half marathon event. The Mai Dubai City Half Marathon Yas Island Abu Dhabi will be held on the 7th of May! Challenge yourself and register today! 

If you’re not yet ready to commit to running a half marathon – there will also be 5km and 10km races available. Register now!

Want to join a race event in Dubai this 2023? Check out the best running events in the city below: 

Mai Dubai City Half Marathon at Yas Island Abu Dhabi 

In honor of the Mai Dubai City Half Marathon’s 5th anniversary, we’re taking the action-packed race to Yas Island, and we want YOU to be a part of the excitement on May 7th, 2023. Register here. 

Mai Dubai City Half Marathon DIFC 

The Mai Dubai City Half Marathon is one of the most popular running events in Dubai. The 5th anniversary edition of the MDCHM will be held on the 29th of October 2023. Register now and follow us at @promosevensports on Instagram to keep up with our latest announcements. 

Mai Dubai Community Run

The Mai Dubai Community Run previously called the Skechers Performance Run has 2.5 km, 5km, and 10km races available and it’s a family-friendly event which is great if you want to bring your family with you. The next race will take place on the 18th of March 2023. Register here. 

Palm West Beach Run

No city in Dubai has a better combination of nature, love of sport and iconic infrastructure for hosting a beach run than in Palm Jumeirah. Come and explore and experience Palm West Beach in a whole new way. 

Bloomberg Square Mile Relay 

The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay was held last 9th February 2023. The Bloomberg Square Mile Relay is the only corporate race in the world and anyone can enter as a team of 10 for a great team-building activity. 

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